State institutions

The formation of a reliable unit, which consists of highly qualified professionals – one of the most important tasks facing the ministries and agencies. Unsuccessful recruitment of staff, leads to malfeasance in the end, may negatively affect the manager’s career and may be dangerous for the agency as a whole. Check personnel with polygraph will help you to avoid mistakes.

Effective methods of recruitment and supervision of employees using the polygraph, allow to work in advance, eliminating these risks, through the following types of inspections:

It is possible to cooperate as a subscription service, the value of which is discussed individually.

As a result of the use of polygraph expert can identify the reliability and loyalty of the candidate in relation to the employer on the facts:

Any control system is perceived negatively, it is common to all people. Based on the fact that employees perceive a negative conventional control system, it does not mean that they do not have control. The control is the basis of the development of any system, project, business, etc. Monitoring and verification of employees with the use of lie detector – a polygraph, the most loyal method for nowadays. Man is not searched, not asked to show personal things, he is not under surveillance and do not listen to his talks, etc. You just need to talk to an expert – polygraph and respond voluntarily to a number of very concrete, specific questions.