Types of audits

Our experts will carry out the following types of polygraph tests:
• Screening test of candidates for employment with lie detector.
• Periodic / unscheduled inspections of existing staff.
• Special checks polygraph during official investigations.
• Family theme polygraph to adultery, etc.
Screening (meaning of selection, sorting) is test with lie detector of the candidates for employment.
A potential candidate tries to look as better as possible on the interview for a new job. Pushing forward the advantages and forgetting to mention about disadvantages. Often, the candidate can even mention about things out of his competence.
Therefore, a person who conducts an interview with a potential candidate for a particular position can be so difficult to separate the real facts of his biography and work skills from embellished half-truths or outright lies.
And we must admit that almost everybody lies at the interview. They lie about different facts and different numbers: embellishing your work experience, concealing misconduct and conflicts, forgetting to mention the true reasons for dismissal from previous jobs. Therefore, even the most experienced HR manager is not always able to determine accurately whether a particular person corresponds to a specific position.
It is very easy to make a mistake, and the consequences of this error sometimes it are very expensive. For example, a personal bodyguard, who really never held a weapon in his hands and barely understand the basics of martial arts, or the nurse who previously left unattended children or senior managers receive kickbacks, which resulted in a significant loss of the company, where he worked previously.
The use of lie detector (polygraph) impartially and objectively to see each candidate, to understand its strengths and weaknesses, to determine how well does he fit to the position he claims.
Providing of screening tests lie detector (polygraph) ensures employer that his future employees really make a professional and well-coordinated team, and each of them will meet the requirements, which are presented to him, as well as to easily be able to perform assigned task for him.
With an integrated approach and conduct screening and scheduled checks, any manager can eliminate the risks associated with the misconduct and abuse at work of their employees and to reduce them to zero.
Serial / unscheduled inspections polygraph operating personnel:
In order to ensure a healthy atmosphere in the team any enterprise, company or the holding company, the manager has to monitor what is happening. He must understand the productivity, accuracy and efficiency of execution of his orders, loyalty to work and management particularly.
Of course, employees themselves are not always perceived with great enthusiasm either of the control and accounting systems. And to be frank, often, any control system is perceived negatively. But this does not mean that the leader must not set limits and boundaries in the workplace. It is worth remembering that the monitoring – is the foundation of the control of any business system.
One of the most effective and loyal types of control today – it is carrying out planned inspections of existing staff on a lie detector (polygraph). Usually this kind of verifications shall be twice a year. This type of control allows you to accurately determine how a particular employee to runs with his work, his attitude to the management, the presence or absence of the misconduct of which its leaders cannot even suspect.

The loyalty of this method lies in the fact that man is not searched, not asked to show personal things, do not watch and do not listen to his talks, etc. He just needs to freely discuss with a polygraph expert number of quite concrete, specific issues.
Knowing that the company practice of conducting serial tests with lie detector (polygraph) employees will understand that the negligent attitude to work and other offenses will not be ignored, which may lead to undesirable consequences for them. This will be a very strong motivation to make good decisions, and productive use of their time working. In general, it will be a very positive motivation on the work of the whole team.
You need to remember that no one can give a guarantee that the person will not face with situation with changed conditions, and as the result he will be forced to betray his principles and do, such as theft (a close relative of the disease, a dramatic change in the economic situation in the country etc.)
Special checks on a polygraph in investigations:
This type of inspection is related to specific situations that have occurred and which are known to the customer – theft, abuse of office, receive cash compensation for the performance of official duties (so-called rollback), etc. If the previous types of inspections bear more exploratory in nature, that special checks are carried out in connection with the specific events and have a clear detail.
Family themes lie-detector test adultery, etc .:
This type of check makes it possible to understand the situations that occur in families, in relationships between people.
It allows you to confirm or deny the adultery, stealing money from relatives, drug use, sexual harassment, etc.
That is, the situation in which even the closest people are often extremely difficult to understand without the involvement of a third party.
Effective methods of recruitment and supervision of staff working with the help of a polygraph – lie detector, allow to eliminate these risks by conducting the above-mentioned types of inspections.